508 Resources

As I strive to understand and code for 508 compliance, I realize there are few, if any good resources out there. I want to rectify that by collecting some of the better tools out there for coders to reference.

I hope to update this entry a few times a year to keep it fresh. If you have a resource or idea that I’ve left off, share the love and drop me a comment. Thanks!



Since I know a lot of you are more visual learners, here’s a roundup of video tutorials.

Section 508 Compliance Basics

Section 508 Awareness (From NASA)

Note: There’s a whole bunch of videos from this seminar.

Accessibility Features on Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Top 5 Accessibility Features in iOS 8

How Blind People Use an iPhone

It’s a little dated, but it’s worthwhile to see how someone with a disability actually uses smartphone technology.

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