As I strive to understand and code for 508 compliance, I realize there are few, if any good resources out there. I want to rectify that by collecting some of the better tools out there for coders to reference.

I hope to update this entry a few times a year to keep it fresh. If you have a resource or idea that I’ve left off, share the love and drop me a comment. Thanks!

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IE 10 LogoI’d like to say we hardly knew ye, but I knew ye way too well. In fact, I just realized that my web development carrier started just asĀ IE rolled out (in 1995) and is going strong even after it was put to bed.

Certainly, this isn’t the end of it, seeing as it takes people forever to upgrade and it’s only available on Windows 10. But it’s the beginning of the end.

So long you crazy, backwards piece of software. You weren’t the best, but you did keep us web developers on our toes. I salute you, worthy adversary!

I know most people use Photoshop for web graphics, but it’s never been my cup of tea. Way back in the ’90’s (you in the back, stop snickering) I was introduced to Fireworks (version 3, I believe) and I never looked back.

Best way to quickly and precisely create graphics for the web, in my opinion. Now Adobe is annoucning, along with Adobe CC, that Fireworks is being retired since it overlaps with Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

I say nonsense, but then I don’t run the company. For me, it’s a huge step backwards as it’s been my go-to tool for designing on the web. I really, really don’t want to learn Photoshop, since it lacks a lot of the things I really like using in Fireworks.

Time to start checking out the FOSS alternatives out there.