I know most people use Photoshop for web graphics, but it’s never been my cup of tea. Way back in the ’90’s (you in the back, stop snickering) I was introduced to Fireworks (version 3, I believe) and I never looked back.

Best way to quickly and precisely create graphics for the web, in my opinion. Now Adobe is annoucning, along with Adobe CC, that Fireworks is being retired since it overlaps with Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

I say nonsense, but then I don’t run the company. For me, it’s a huge step backwards as it’s been my go-to tool for designing on the web. I really, really don’t want to learn Photoshop, since it lacks a lot of the things I really like using in Fireworks.

Time to start checking out the FOSS alternatives out there.

One of the things we needed to tackle recently, was dropping content onto our 3rd party vendor sites. We’ve been doing this with JavaScript/JSON applications. To keep things simple, we needed a way to parameterize the JavaScript. We could do this with a bunch of JS variables before calling the external JS file, but that seemed…inelegant.

    var mode = "full";
    var brand = "Acme";
    var autorun = false;
<script src="somefile.js"></script>

In my PHP days, we could handle this with a simple query string in the URL: somefile.php?mode=full&brand=Acme&autorun=false

But why can’t we do this with the SRC attribute in the script tag? Well, jsParam allows just that to happen.

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As I get further along in my career, I’m pretty regularly tapped for training, mentoring, and general advice.

Seems like a good idea to lock those ideas and code snippets into a format that everyone can get at. I’m building this in conjunction with some of the projects I’ve put up on GitHub.

Feel free to share and comment all you like.