Brian Rollins – Author Eater of Sins

Eater of Sins

Eater of Sins

When the city’s greatest superhero is killed, a lonely beat cop must take on the mantle of the Sin Eater to protect his home. Whether or not he wants to. Along the way, he has to solve the mystery of the original Sin Eater’s death, the depths of his newly acquired powers, and the dark legacy Sin Eater has left behind.

Saddled with powers he doesn’t understand and a responsibility he doesn’t want, Officer Thomas Jacobs is forced to wear the mantle of the Sin Eater, a zealot and superhero that brings violent justice to the crime-ridden streets of Metroplex City.

Can Thomas play three separate roles? One as the city’s protector. A second as an officer of the law. And third, pretend to be the playboy billionaire, Jude Graves, the man who, until recently, was the Sin Eater.

There’s also the mystery of the original Sin Eater’s death. And what does Emile, Jude’s former butler and confidante, know about it?

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